Annual Faculty Reviews

Guidelines for preparing AFRs

Course approvals


Course buyouts

Without sending out a broadcast email to inform faculty the university rescinded its policy that grants must pay 1/6th of a person's salary for each course buyout, effective 7/1/05. The policy now is that a course release costs whatever the faculty member works out in collaboration with his/her department chair and dean. (Reputedly this policy is somewhere on

Graduate Assistantships

1. Positions announced thru Human Resources, email, noticeboards, word of mouth to students in C&I programs.
2. Core faculty submit requests related to specific research projects
3. Selection committee identifies potential matches and informs student & faculty. If match is good, appointment goes ahead. If not, students goes back into pool.
4. Recommendation for appointment submitted by C&I chair to in Grad. Studies, who prepares paperwork.
5. When paperwork is ready, student must go to Grad. Studies (Quinn 3-75) to complete, bringing id's such as listed on the attached I9 form (Social security card and photo id etc.)
6. Faculty member and RA establish work expectations, scheduling, and reporting (e.g., using record kept by RA & submitted by email at regular intervals).
7. Renewal for a second semester is contingent on satisfactory work.

Graduation & Commencement

GCE Procedures & Policies (draft 6/06)

Personnel Reviews

GCE Guidelines for Personnel Reviews

an Overview for the Anxious or Unsure

Reimbursements (draft 6/10/06)

1. Department members submit necessary documentation to Office Manager [Aralisa.Colon].
2. Office manager records the details in the departmental log, prepares necessary disbursement vouchers (DV) and/or Purchase Order (PO), places a copy of the documentation on file (in chronological order), and submits the paper work to College admin for processing.
3. Office manager makes periodic checkups on progress of College processing for all submissions, updates log accordingly, and informs department members of status or need for additonal material.
4. Department member informs Office manager of receipt of check; log updated to reflect this.

Past due items

Department members should submit details to be added to the log if not already on there.
  • Date submitted
  • by Person
  • Current status
  • Party to be paid
  • Amount
  • Source of funds
  • Notes

Teaching Assignments

Guidelines for Teaching assignments

Work requests

Please submit any work requests to Aralisa with a slip attached that specifies the info below. This will help me and her in prioritizing.
  • Submitted by:
  • Date submitted:
  • Completion date & time requested:
If not able to be done:
  • Date & time to be notified by:
  • Contact number or email: