Check-list for things to do now or very soon or to take note of

Please check off or fill in (where relevant) in RH margin, make notes on things you plan to do & by when, and return this to me (preferably at departmental meeting on 8/31). This will help us avoid using meeting time for informational or bureaucratic matters (principle: use meetings for things that can’t easily be done by other means). Thanks, Peter T.

1. Checked allocated room capacity. Notified PT & ACo re: suitability.
2. If you find your classroom is too crowded at the first meeting, ask someone to scout out an empty room and then move, leaving a note OR ask the scout to find a class that can switch. Inform me and Ann Carbone as soon as possible after the class of the problem and your temporary solution.
3. If you do not have a classroom allocated by the time your class meets, there will be signs up saying telling your students to meet in foyer outside GCE on 1st floor. Send out a scout as before. Consider using the lobby of the Snowden auditorium or W-2-209 (GCE computer classroom) – email me in advance for the entry code.
4. Submit syllabi electronically to
5. Ask Aralisa to make copies or make them yourself.
6. Want to know your code for the copier.
7. Want to have your computer lined into the network and to the C&I printer. (Call IT helpdesk (7-5220) to get this fixed.)
8. Have an office key that does not work for the main C&I office (W-2-93)?
9. Volunteer to be part of a working group to make the main C&I office a social place for us all.
10. Annual faculty Review submitted electronically to PT and Aralisa and on paper to Aralisa? (Due 9/5)
11. Professional goals submitted electronically to PT.
12. Arrange a 30minute meeting to discuss AFR & goals with PT before 9/26 (
13. Meet with Aralisa to look at files and record what official signed AFRs & evaluations of yours we have and what are missing.
14. Have submitted Reimbursement requests that are not on Aralisa’s log (
15. Have had Reimbursement that are still on Aralisa’s log (
16. Have been allocated a Research Assistant, but not yet confirmed.
17. Might want a Research Assistant in spring, but yet to send PT a description of the project
18. Checked your Committee assignments – all correct & recorded?
19. Noted that many ad hoc committees established last year at College or Departmental level are to be reconstituted at program level, perhaps with mandates adjusted by the program. (That is, do not insist that because the Dean made a policy last year it is not open to be reworked or, at least, made transparent to all comers.)
20. Have a regular Backup system for your computers.
21. Know how to inform your students to set forwarding from their official UMass student address to the one they actually look at (e.g., yahoo etc.)
22. (Un-tenured, tenure-track faculty only): Are not willing to be a candidate for the open position on the Departmental Personnel Committee. (Workload mostly in early fall as part of AFR review sub-committee.)