Members of the Department

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("part-time" includes full-time UMB staff who teach less than 100%)
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Aralisa Colon

General Teacher Education (GenEd)


Jorgelina Abbate-Vaughn
Stanley Dick
Arthur Eisenkraft
Rona Flippo
Lisa Gonsalves
Eunny Hsun
Janna Jackson
Peter Kiang
Denise Patmon
Pat Paugh
Stephen Ribisi
Hannah Sevian
Brian Wright

Part-time (ongoing)

MaryLu Love (Early Childhood Education)
Jim Parziale
John White

Part-time (fall)

Mary Casey
Janet DiTullio
Anna Dixon
Susan Engorn
Kevin Koziol
David Martin
Steven Nestor
Nancy O'Malley
Steve Seto
Maureen Shurtleff
Karen Spaulding
Jen Yaeger

Special Education (SpEd)


MaryAnn Byrnes (SpEd coordinator)
Lusa Lo
Glenn Mitchell

Part-time (ongoing)

Laura Bozeman (TVI, O&M)
Mary Brady
Ronda Goodale

Part-time (fall)

Marilyn (Bonnie) Bisbicos
Beverley Conte
Elizabeth Labbe

Instructional Design (ID)


TBA (ID coordinator)

Part-time (on-going)

Canice McGarry
Diane Nerboso

Critical & Creative Thinking (CCT)


Nina Greenwald (CCT coordinator)
Peter Taylor


Lawrence Blum (Philosophy, on leave 07-08)
Arthur Millman (Philosophy)
Carol Smith (Psychology)

Part-time (fall)

Allyn Bradford
Bob Schoenberg

Part-time winter & spring

Allyn Bradford
Wally Clausen
Delores Gallo
Leor Alcaly
Olen Gunnlaugson
Lisa Kimball
Ben Schwendener

Part-time (summer)

Janet Farrell-Smith (Philosophy)
Bart Kunstler
Abby Yanow, Renae Gray, Gregg Turpin, Allyn Bradford