Committee Members and Representatives

(as of 12/3)


Peter Kiang
Denise Patmon
Rona Flippo
Maryann Byrnes (on leave)
Lusa Lo (tenure-track, untenured rep)

AFR review subcommittee

Denise Patmon (chair)
Rona Flippo
Nina Greenwald
Lusa Lo

Lisa Gonsalves' department-level ("Ad Hoc") tenure review

Rona Flippo (chair)
Peter Kiang
Felicia Wilczenski, School Psy. Dept
Larry Blum-Philosophy Dept.
Ann Withorn- College of Public & Community Service

Jorgelina Abbate-Vaughn's department-level ("Ad Hoc") 4th year review

Peter Kiang (chair)
Denise Patmon
Gonzalo Bacigalupe
Marc Prou, Africana Studies, CLA (former Haitian bilingual coordinator, BPS)
Lilia Bartolome, Applied Lingustics, CLA (formerly C&I)

Denise Patmon's department-level ("Ad Hoc") PMY review

Peter Kiang (chair)
Rona Flippo
MaryAnn Byrnes

Search for Chair and Asst. Prof.

Denise Patmon (chair)
Maryann Byrnes
Nina Greenwald
MaryLu Love
Lusa Lo
Ann Ebe
Jim Parziale?
Glenn Mitchell

Third search (Dir of Teacher Prep [Prof. staff])

Lisa Gonsalves?
Glenn Mitchell?

Coordinating Committee of Program Coordinators

Lisa Gonsalves (Gen.Teacher Ed.) (substitute thru summer TBA)
Nina Greenwald (CCT)
Dennis Maxey (Instr. Design)
Glenn Mitchell (Spec. Ed.) (substituting for Maryann Byrnes, on leave)

Program Committees and Subcommittees

Gen. Teacher Ed. Admissions

Lisa Gonsalves (chair)

Gen. Teacher Ed. Curriculum

Jorgelina A-V (chair 05-06)

Special Ed. Committee

Glenn Mitchell (acting coordinator 06-07)
Laura Bozeman
Mary Brady
Maryann Byrnes (on leave)
Lusa Lo

Special Ed. Curriculum Committee

Lusa Lo
Glenn Mitchell

Supervision Committee (for Gen Teacher Ed & Spec Ed)

CCT Admissions

Nina Greenwald
Arthur Millman

Department members who serve on College and University Committees and Other Projects

Dean's search

Jorgelina Abbate-Vaughn
Denise Patmon

GCE Senate

Jorgelina Abbate-Vaughn
Lisa Gonsalves
John White
Dennis Maxey
Laura Bozeman

GCE Academic Affairs & Curriculum Committee (AACC)

Denise Patmon
Steve Ribisi

GCE College Personnel Committee

Peter Kiang (05-07), co-chair
Denise Patmon (05-07)
Rona Flippo (06-08)
[Non-C&I members: Gonzalo Bacigalupe (CSP) (05-07)
Dwight Giles (LIE) (06-08)
John Saltmarsh (LIE) (06-08), co-chair
Varda Konstam (Fall 06 only) (CSP)
Virginia Harvey (Spring 07-08) (CSP)

Graduate Studies Committee

Maryann Byrnes (on leave); Peter Kiang substituting for MAB

Boston Writing Project

Glenn Mitchell (co-director)

Program in Science, Technology and Values

Peter Taylor (director)

Environmental Studies Advisory Board

Peter Taylor (co-chair)

Asian-American Studies Program

Peter Kiang (director)

University Finance & Budget

Denise Patmon

New England Center for Inclusive Teaching (Board)

Denise Patmon

Department Reps on PECC & NCATE Committees

NCATE co-coordinator, Glenn Mitchell

Steering C'tee

Mary Brady


Lisa Gonslaves (chair)
Glenn Mitchell

Standard 1, Student data

Stan Dick (co-chair)
Lisa Gonslaves (co-chair)

Standard 2, Assessment

Mary Brady (assoc. chair)
Denise Patmon

Standard 3, Field Experience

Maryann Byrnes (assoc. chair)

Standard 4, Diversity

Jorgelina Abbate-Vaughn (co-chair)
Lusa Lo (co-chair)
Brian Wright

Standard 5, Faculty

Rona Flippo (chair)
Ann Ebe
Nina Greenwald

Standard 6, governance and resources

Peter Taylor

SPA reports

Math: Stan Dick
Special Ed: Maryann Byrnes
ACEI: Denise Patmon
English: Janna Jackson
+ others

Subject area point persons

(proposed 7/06; subject to confirmation)
Course of Studies
1.Early Childhood
Ann Ebe
2. Elementary
Denise Patmon
3. Middle School - Humanities
Jorgelina Abbate-Vaughn
4. Middle School- Math/Science
Jorgelina A-V & Stan Dick
5. Math
Stan Dick
6. Science
Hannah Sevian
7. English
Janna Jackson
8.History and Pol. Sci./Pol.Phil.
Peter Kiang
9. French
Rona Flippo
10. Italian
Rona Flippo
11. Spanish
Rona Flippo
12. Latin and Classical Humanities
Peter Kiang
13. Music
Denise Patmon
14. Special Education - Moderate Disabilities
MaryAnn Byrnes
15. Special Education – TVI
Laura Bozeman
16. Eng Language Learners (ELL)
Lisa Gonsalves
17. Educational Administration*
Joe Check
18. School Psychologist
Virginia Harvey
19. School Guidance Counselor
Felicia Wilczenski
20. School Social Worker/ Adjustment Counselor
Rick Houser

    • Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics

      • Administrator of Special Ed, Principal/Assist Principal, Supervisor/Director