Notes from the Chair, October '06

A month ago I presented a view of the C&I Department’s success as an operational unit that depended on meeting nine goals.

With respect to the challenges of meeting those goals, what strike me as salient conditions at this time (10/23) include:
a. most C&I faculty, especially those with tenure or program coordination roles, are at (beyond) the limits of reasonable service expectations and yet there are more, as yet unmet, demands for service;
b. I have not preserved the time and attention I promised myself and others that I would give to teaching, professional, and family commitments apart from serving as Chair. The hours I am devoting to administrative work have been more than is sustainable, but still not sufficient to clear up the backlog from the past and keep on top of new items;
c. the C&I faculty, especially the Chair and program coordinators, need more support than has been possible with the current organizational arrangements for the current mix of upstairs and downstairs staff;
d. the Provost has drawn the GCE Dean back into significant service as Associate Provost;
e. the previous Dean’s policy in which most of the staff serving C&I students report to Dean remains in place; the current Dean has indicated that in his interim status he will not be able to restore resources to the smaller programs (goal#5); and patience and persistence is needed to keep moving on the many small and large administrative issues needing the Dean's input.

The assessment in item e) emerges from my meetings with the Dean, including ongoing discussions of the goals and the conditions above. I welcome discussion among C&I faculty on these goals and conditions—and feedback on relevant considerations I may have overlooked or underappreciated.