Celebration of Accomplishments

12/14/06, PT


Back in June, when I met as new Chair with individual faculty members, I was amazed at the life histories that emerged in the conversations. And when I began to read the Annual Faculty Reviews, there was an abundance of activity and accomplishments that had not appeared on my radar screen. So, on the assumption that
a) I wasn’t the only one who knew too little about the full dimensions of my colleagues’ work and lives;
b) all academics need to take steps against being isolated; and
c) our regular meetings are mostly about business/busy-ness,
I proposed and others endorsed the idea that we take some time at a Departmental meeting to celebrate some of our accomplishments.


1. Take a few minutes to note down on this sheet a major accomplishment and/or some area you worked in that others might not know much about. (Ask PT for a copy of your AFR if you submitted one and your memory needs jogging.)

2. Look around for someone who has finished writing and pair up with them—if possible choose someone you don’t know very well.

3. Share what you came up with in #1. Take notes and ask questions on the other person’s work so you can report to the meeting as a whole.

4. Finally, we’ll each take a turn to speak (succinctly) about these selections from colleagues’ work.