Early Childhood Education

Annual Report 2005-06

Name: Mary Lu Love
Date: July 30, 2006
Department: Curriculum and Instruction
School: Graduate College of Education
Highest Degree and Date: M.S. in Child Care Administration 1988
Rank: Instructor/Director of Early Childhood Literacy
Years in Present Rank: 3
Date of First UMass Appointment: January 2003

1. Courses taught
Fall 2005
EDU 445 EDC 485 CORCOM 371
HeadsUp! Reading Internship in Early Literacy Critical Readings
3 3 3
25 7 25

Spring 2006
EDC G 445 HUMSER 345
HeadsUp! Reading Responsibilities & Ethics ECE
3 3
29 24
In collaboration with CPCS, created and taught a modified syllabus: HUMSER 345, Responsibility and Ethics for Early Childhood.

Created two Early Childhood courses in an online format

The Building Careers grant requires two site visits per semester for Building Careers students: 47 visits in the fall and 30 in the spring semester.

2. Advising and counseling:
I currently receive emails and phone calls when people are inquiry about the early childhood course/programs, the ECE scholarship, and / or the Building Careers Grant. There are currently 30 active early childhood educators at UMB. I advise all 30 students: 28 of whom are interested in CPCS Human Service Degree with concentration Early Childhood, and two others are awaiting the early childhood program of study in GCE.

3. Grants:
• Grant with ABCD – to offer Summer Institute 2005 – Exploring Early Literacy Mentoring & ELLCO training. ($10,000)
• Grant with ReadBoston to teach: ($28,000)
• HeadsUp! Reading Fall 05 – for 25 BPS kindergarten paraprofessionals;
Spring 06 – for 15 early childhood educators in Boston
• Internship – Fall 05 – for 8 early childhood educators in Boston.
• Department of Early Education and Care – Building Careers in Early Childhood Education $55,000 to offer 25 students 4 courses towards a degree, support services, and site visits (50 in fall and 30 in spring).
• Mass College Compact AmeriCorps*VISTA position, funded for a half-time position: July 15, 2005 to July 13, 2006. Amanda Mazzola continued in the position half-time with the other half being VISTA Leader.
• CITI grant Starting Out With Computer Savvy Teachers for $7,775. Three of the new ECHD courses were created in online format:
• ECHD 411 Development and Characteristic of All Young Learners, Including Those with Special Needs (fall 2006)
• ECHD 440 Language Development and Literacy in Early Childhood (spring 2007)
• ECHD 430 Technology for All Young Children (fall 2007)
• Submitted grant to Federal Department of Education – Boston Ready if funded would be $3.6 million grant over a three-year period to link professional development with BPS preschool curriculum implementation. (pending).
• Submitted grant to Federal Office of Special Education – SECEN (Support for Early Childhood Educators Network) if funded would be $800,000 grant over a four-year period to fund 60 students as they take the undergraduate early childhood program of student to become Early Intervention / Early Childhood Teachers.

4. Major community service:
• Art Show - June 2006 Eric Carle theme. Art show was visited by 4 different of children who submitted work. Bringing 80 preschool children to campus
• Serve on Boston Community Partnership for Children, Dorchester Cluster Steering Committee and Quality Committee
• Serve on Boston Association for the Education of Young Children (BAEYC) - Accreditation Committee and Old Colony Committee
• Validator for NAEYC, conducted two validation visit
• ELOA Committee Meeting – Boston Early Literacy Collaboration
• Professional Development Fair for the Boston Community Partnerships – presented a discussion about early childhood options at UMB.
• Presented about Starting Out With Computer Savvy Teachers to both CITI meeting and DOE Annual Technology Conference.

5. Workshops Presentations:
• BAEYC Old Colony Conference – Using the Web to deepen Curriculum
• MA-AEYC Conference – Supporting Children as they Cope with Strong Feelings
NAEYC Accreditation - What do the changes mean?
• Jeopardy – when the best response is a question
• HHCC – Literacy 101 Supporting Literacy Development
Phonological Awareness – Playing with the Sounds of Language
Making Connections throughout the Curriculum
Time Management – Juggling all the Tasks

6. UMB accomplishments
• Undergraduate Early Childhood Program of Study and13 new undergraduate courses approved
• Represented UMB at two statewide Building Careers meetings
• Worked with CPCS to enroll Building Careers students into the Human Services Early Childhood Program
• Seven students received ECE scholarships in spring 2006, coordinated this through CPCS, Financial Aid Office, Admissions, Bursar and Continuing Education.
• Working on SPA for ECE for NCATE accreditation
• Visited Eastern Connecticut State to see new Early Learning Center that integrates child care facility with Education Departments classrooms and faculty offices

7. Professional Development:
• NAEYC Training for New Accreditation System
• Learning about Adult learners
• Assessment and Technology
• BREEZE workshop at ICI
• Round Table meeting on Family Literacy

ReadBoston Founded by Mayor Thomas M. Menino in 1995 to address low literacy levels among Boston’s youth, ReadBoston’s mission is to have children in Boston reading on grade level by the time they complete third grade. ReadBoston is a city-wide leader in the field of early literacy. Activities with ReadBoston in 2005-06:

Building Careers – is a grant to UMB to offer at least 4 courses to 25 students who are currently working in Early Care and Education programs: Head Starts, child care, and preschools. (Three of the courses offered last year were CPCS courses – one was GCE).

The Early Childhood Scholarship is funding directly to the students allowing them to take up to 6 courses a year to work toward a bachelor’s degree in ECE. This funding started in January 2006, with one million dollars available statewide UMB has seven participating students in spring 2006. Funding will triple for FY 07 to three million dollars, and I likewise expect that the number of students will triple at UMB.