Projects and tasks

listed within any category in decreasing order of priority

?? = use this to indicate progress when advice or assistance is needed
*add notes to indicate progress*

ASAP = as soon as possible
B = by suggested date
D = date completed

Overall Picture

Since mid-Sept. Office Manager needs to take initiative in reporting on progress and in asking me for help when she had questions about the how, why, or when. Although I will specify more deadlines on the wiki, I will continue to leave Office Manager autonomy about the day-to-day organization of her time to complete the tasks

Goals and Objectives for Organization by Staff Serving C&I . Note especially
  • 1. Requests rarely need to be repeated
  • which requires:
    • a. keeping a list/log of requests and prioritizing the tasks outstanding and ongoing tasks;
    • b. timely, focused communication to acknowledge requests, provide updates about their status or delays, and, when needed, seek clarification of tasks or of responsibilities; and
    • c. full-time, organized work to complete tasks on the list/log.

These goals and objectives for a staff member organizing and processing materials are a precondition for an Office Manager to fulfill the expectations of the Official Job description for Office Manager (with annotations from 10/11/06).


August 15->: Organize files into back room, Organize systems for handling NCATE & faculty work requests, Keep working on establishing regular & reliable 2-way communication [incl. notes on this wiki or email], Tidy up all the offices.
2nd half of September-October: develop an office work manual describing regular & occasional tasks for departmental administration.
Objectives for Office Manager after 10/11/06:
1. Digests the goals and objectives for organization and keeps these in mind at all times. In particular,
  • keeps a handwritten list/log of requests and prioritizes the tasks outstanding and ongoing tasks (using the wiki as a guide);
[New 11/15: Include when these tasks are completed, including those from other faculty, so I can acknowledge all of your work.]
  • provides timely, focused communication to acknowledge requests
  • provide updates about their status or delays, and,
  • when needed, seek clarification of tasks, responsibilities, and the arrangements that are in place and undergoing further development.
2. Organization – immediate
  • In her office, she makes files for tasks that are underway and puts materials in her desk drawers when she is working on another task (e.g., AFRs, syllabi, GA applications, personnel review folders). [Making her desk and office really tidy will also help engender respect from faculty and other staff.]
  • Completes the miscellaneous and overdue tasks from the wiki.
  • Makes time each day to tidy the main office.
  • Organizes her computer files.
  • Add to her “to do” list items she wants to learn or get help with and communicates this to me.

Provisional priorities among competing requests

Department (from chair); then Grad. Program Coordinators' requests, then NCATE, then individual faculty requests.
I have asked Glenn to concentrate her requests & check-in on Friday mornings and Lisa on Wednesday morning.
I will check in on Thursdays in morning about progress if I haven't heard by email or wiki updates
ASAP (Sept request?): Would it help if all request for use of your time to go through me (to avoid you feeling you are being pulled in different directions by different masters and that requests made of you are reasonable)?


B 10/11 Follow up on contract for new employee K Wilson
D 10/17, B 10/16 Dispose of Jorgelina's printouts the way she requested.
B 10/17 Search your outlook for faculty cv's you might not have transferred to the folder you keep for cv's -- given that I submitted mine more than a month ago, there may be others hiding in your email attachments folder.
B 9/25 Contact part-timers from email to get their contact info and add to the master list
B 10/17 Check the list of part-timers teaching this semester & email/call the ones who haven't come to see you to see if all have PAs & contracts
B 9/27 Prepare a diagram naming what is in each drawer of the file cabinets in the back room
B 9/27 Make a checklist & record what official AFRs & evaluations we have in the personnel files.
B 9/29 Organize computer files into directories nested in one backup-able directory and then Backup onto a CD
B 9/30 Transcribe faculty office hours from syllabi to wiki page


Tidy offices & arrange the space

Keep the door from the main ofice to yours open whenever you are in and use the clock when you are out.
Encourage people to take empty 3 ring folders for their students and move onto top of filing cabinets in filing room.
D Oct. Two more fold-up chairs needed for Chair's office.
Order "coffee table" for main office -- when will this arrive?
Arrange key for part-timers (and let them know). Inform new part-timers.
Arrange for Dell that was in my office & printer to get connected in part-timers' office on the spare table.
Contact the relevant program coordinator(s) to see where they want the capstone in Chair's office to be stored and arrange for them to be moved into storage.
Arrange for title II materials to be moved from part-timer's room to Snowden storage. -- Has this been done?
Order another locking cabinet to be put in the part-timers' room for Maureen Shurtleff's materials.
Move supplies cabinet & supplies into your office or the main office. (If it turns out this is needed, we can get a lockable cabinet for the supplies.)
In your office, make files for tasks that are underway and put materials in your desk drawer when you are working on another task (e.g., AFRs, syllabi, GA applications,...)


Bookmark the wiki on your browser so you can access it readily. (I will copy & paste the items into an email when there are many new items. You can let me kow by email or wiki when they're done.)
Let me know when you need a clear block of time to work with me
Make daily updates to wiki or by email to report on status of work--Please allow time at end of day to do this -- it'll keep me happy

Organize files in back office and your office

Reorder files in filing cabinets in back office
Label each drawer
File the loose materials in appropriate drawers
In your office, make files for tasks that are underway and put materials in your desk drawer when you are working on another task (e.g., AFRs, syllabi, GA applications,...)


Input past & new reimbursement requests sent to you: from now on please include everything related to money that comes through you by email or in person -- otherwise we can't rely on the record when we want to check in with ann & eleanor about the status of reimbursements. Update this log with info from Ann/Eleanor (inserted into the current status column, not the notes section).
Peoplesoft training with Eleanor and with Linda P. (let Ann know when that will happen)
Learn how to prepare PAs and let me know when you are all set to do that.

Personnel files

In each personnel file include summaries of evaluations in chronological order
(Create separate files for memos, etc.)


Keep mailslot area tidy.
Rearrange mailslots so they are in alphabetical order and clearly labeled.

Computer filing

Backup monthly onto a CD
Use flashdrive for daily backups -- we can't afford recovery time from a hard drive failure

Odd jobs

ASAP (Sept. request?) Fill in missing info from master spreadsheet, incl. remaining faculty UMS IDs.
ASAP (Sept. request?) Send me name & details of listserv.
Use the departmental email address as the primary address for this:
Fill in the form at to get some "lists" (aka "listservs") started for the department, so we don't have the long headers at the start of emails and so faculty can send emails to the lists as well. I hear that they aren't very "up" on the service - there's no manual or anything - but they can start a list for us. I am thinking of a list for core faculty, for associates, for parttimers, for staff, i.e.,, ciassoc@..., cipt@.., cistaff@..., ciothers@....

ASAP (Sept. request?) Switch to the generic email address for departmental email not your personal address. (That allows others to access that email if you are away.)

Develop an office work manual describing regular & occasional tasks -- see as a possible model

Regular tasks

Requests from faculty & staff

Acknowledge receipt of each work request & use new work request slip to make sure you get back to them in a timely manner, even if to say you won't be able to help.
Log every reimbursement or finance-related request (e.g., travel preapprovals) that goes down to Dean's area.

Schedules and staffing of courses

Update spreadsheet of all C&I people as new info comes in
Fall 06 & Spr 07 schedule spreadsheet -- keep on file. (Eventually you can take over checking WISER against the s'sheet and making sure the rooms are big enough, printing out the schedule for noticeboards, etc.)
In late December: Prepare spreadsheet of info for PA forms for part-timers based on course schedule spreadsheet and updates from me

Course evaluations

Make file folder for each course and move evals from there into the folder.
File the summaries with the faculty member's personnel file.

What PT is doing

Course Schedules & arranging part-timers for spring
Faculty searches
Move of staff back upstairs
Definition of Dir Teacher Prep so search can begin
Learning about budgets & finances
+ seemingly endless other things