Stan Dick

Denise PMYR

Stan & Jim

In my case, I read portfolios for the Boston Teacher Licensure Prog. Jim Parziale (an adjunct) and I were promised $1000 by Jonathan, but were supposed to read 10 each. We actually read about 5 each (I can look up the exact amount, and Jim knows how many he read) so I think $100 per portfolio is fair. There were monies also promised by Les for doing high level NCATE and SPA work. I believe that if anyone was promised money it should be paid. But in the case of Jim Parziale, whom I was asked to enlist, and who is an outsider who just teaches two courses a semester, it is, in my opinion, imperative that we honor our commitment.

PL away

June 29-1st week of July
July 31-Aug 4

EDCG 617

My EDCG 617 classes are far too big! These classes are taught more like seminar courses than lecture courses--they involve one on one with each and every student and I throughout the semester--as hard as I worked and tried, it isn't possible to do what needs to be done with these students when I have 16, 17, 18 and sometimes more in a class. These classes, beginning with Fall 2006 registrations must (please) be limited to no more than 8 (ideal), 10 (OK ) to 12 (at the absolute most) students in each. RF

field placements within the state of Connecticut


I will start referring to general teacher ed for the Teacher Ed program or Gen Ed for short EXCEPT when confusion might arise with the University's Gen Ed program.
The longer term solution is to rename the Teacher Ed program -- maybe we can ask for this at a coordinating committee meeting.

SpEd part-timers

We need a second section of SPEG 698 for fall 06.

Ronda Goodale - .5 FTE contract, continuing
Mary Brady - .5 FTE contract, continuing
Beth Labbe - continuing as part time faculty
Beverly Conte - covering my two SPEG 602 sections, new part timer, needs
contract, resume attached
Marilyn Bisbicos - our enrollment in SPEG 698 will be 14. Class size is 6.
We need a second section. Marilyn has agreed to do so. I cannot seem to
find her resume and have asked her to send me another copy. I'll forward it
as soon as it arrives.

Also, Anna Dixon has agreed to teach a section of EDCG 630 - a course that I
usually help staff. She is a continuing part timer and needs a contract

In the past, I wrote a letter about appointments to JC and then it got
processed to Ann, with a lot of prodding. What process would you like to

Summer Schedule - oddly, this is only on paper in my office. I think I just
handwrote it. How archaic of me. I don't know if anyone was sent contracts
- I think CCDE does this. At any rate:
Session R
SPEG 607: Behavior & Classroom Mgt - Ronda Goodale
SPEG 629: Consultation - Lusa Lo

Session T
SPEG 621: Intro to Disabilities - Ronda Goodale

Also - Ronda is teaching one section of EDCG 630, but I cannot recall which

Also, also, Mary Brady is doing an online independent study for one student.