Job Description: Administrative Position Level 16

Annotations in right column
F = faculty will continue to take the lead on this task and ask for assistance when needed
T = training needed before taking over this responsibility
O = organizational skills need to be stronger before this responsibility is handed over
A = arrangements for this in place and undergoing further development
N = needs improvement
C = Chair needs to learn what this item means

Duties include but are not limited to: 
1. keeping accurate, up-to-date a. records of department budget requests and expenditures, b. course schedules for department programs, c. minutes from department & program meetings; 
a.             O& T (in Peoplesoft)

b.             O

c.             F
2. prepare budget updates for the chair on a monthly basis;
3. coordinating all accreditation visits (e.g. NCATE, DOE);
4. a. coordinating with secretaries of programs located in the department; b. handling department chair’s correspondence regarding personnel actions and searches – with particular responsibility of coordinating all AFR, 4th year reviews, and tenure cases;
a.             D (coordinating with program coordinators because there are no program secretaries)

b.             F & O
5. a. organization of all grant requests/existing grants that come through the various programs within the department; b. serve as secretary to the department chair;
a.             T &O

b.             A
6. a. fulfill individual department faculty requests; b. serve as emissary of the department;
a.             A

b.             C
7. coordinate all class schedules/room assignments;
8. coordinate office assignments for faculty and staff;
A & N (see tasks in wiki)
9. a. coordinate all department searches; b. audit and monitor administrative MIS;
a.             O

b.             C
10. oversight and management of the administrative calendar for all programs within the department;
11. coordinate all course requests that come through the department from other institute/centers within the department which necessitate the approval of the department chair;
A & O
12. fulfill additional tasks and responsibilities as assigned by the department chair or associate chair.
A & N (see tasks in wiki)
13. as needed may be asked to assist with College tasks and responsibilities.