Department of Curriculum and Instruction

From the departmental constitution:
[C&I] "is made up of both graduate and undergraduate programs, as well as designated centers, institutes and projects... The programs have distinct missions evident in the programs of study they offer to students. The Department provides a structure within which the diverse departmental faculty can coordinate their teaching, service, and research, make time and space to support the development of, and be stimulated by, diverse approaches and perspectives, and develop a shared vision of serving the diverse educators and mid-career professionals, students and communities with which the faculty works. The Department also provides a structure that facilitates governance, administration, communication, and personnel decisions within the College and University."

This wiki makes information available to facilitate our running the department, just as a website does. (Indeed anything that gets well established on the wiki might then be copied across to the official site.
Because wikipages can be edited from a browser, it is also an experiment in "collaborative knowledge management" (to use wiki lingo). Any departmental member who wants to add or edit wikipages should join by a 3-step process: 1) create a wikispaces username at; 2) go to and click on the link at the bottom "already a member?" (which means already a wikispaces member, not already a member of this specific wiki); 3) wait for approval from wikimeister.

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